The “Love Is Blind” Reunion On Netflix Canada Reactions Are More Nuts Than The Whole Show

Fingers crossed we get another season!
"Love Is Blind" Reunion

Any Lauren and Cameron stans out there? After the incredible season finale made it’s debut last week, the Love Is Blind reunion is here to give fans of the show all the answers we’ve been waiting for. Not only were there some heartwarming moments, but there was also plenty of drama, to say the least.

When the brand new dating show first came to Netflix on February 13, viewers didn’t know exactly what to expect, but it was only a matter of time before Love Is Blind took the world by storm.

During the finale episode, we found out that two of the six couples (Amber & Barnett and Lauren & Cameron) actually went through with the wedding after the experiment, but fans couldn’t help but wonder if they’re still together today.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, today’s reunion episode revealed that Lauren and Cameron are still together, and even adopted a fur baby of their own named Sparks. From the sounds of things, the experiment worked out way better than anticipated for them, which is more than can be said for the other couples.

The other married duo, Amber and Barnett definitely had an uphill battle on Love Is Blind. While Amber found herself falling hard, Barnett made multiple connections with the women and found himself torn on who he should spend the rest of his life with.

He ultimately chose to propose to Amber, which was a happy moment for the couple but also sent fellow participant Jessica spiralling.

Amber admitted on the reunion that there have been difficult times since the show finished, and at one point she even called up a lawyer to talk about divorce, but she and Barnett have really pushed through to prove themselves as a strong couple.

As for the other contestants on the show, Damian and Giannina have begun dating again since he left her at the altar and are currently living together and Diamond and Carleton are both single since their explosive fight in Mexico.

Viewers were shocked when Kelly left Kenny at the altar during the finale, but he has since entered into a relationship with “the best person for [him]”. Mark is also still single after being put through the wringer by Jessica, and Jessica admitted that she’s begun casually dating again after taking some much needed time off.

Aside from the happy couples, one of the best things to come out of Love Is Blind has been the hilarious commentary on Twitter.

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed whether or not we’ll be getting another season of the hit reality TV series, although the show’s creator and producer have both expressed interest in doing several more seasons.

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