“Love Is Blind” Creator Spills Details On Season 2 & There Could Be A Canadian Version

Are there any Canadian Jessicas out there?
"Love Is Blind" Season 2

Calling all singles! Just weeks after the first season premiered on Netflix, Love Is Blind season two is already a possibility. The streaming platform has yet to confirm whether it'll happen. Still, the show’s creator and producers are all on board.

If you’re not familiar with the latest dating show, the concept is simple — a series of single men and women go on dates with one another in hopes of forming a connection. There’s a major catch though, as none of the couples can see one another while on these dates. The whole point is to see if mental and emotional connections can be made without physical appearance getting in the way.

If a couple hits it off, they then have to get engaged before they’re able to meet face to face. Once they meet, they move in together and begin planning their wedding, which will be just a month away.

The show’s first season followed six couples as they attempted to navigate life outside of the pods, although at the end, only two of them ended up actually tying the knot. Like many other dating shows, Love Is Blind seemed totally unbelievable to viewers but for some reason, they just can’t get enough of it.

In an interview with Oprah Mag, the show’s creator, Chris Coelen unofficially confirmed that another season of Love Is Blind is a very strong possibility.

“I want to see a season two or a season 12, don’t you?” the visionary behind the hit Netflix original said in his interview.

As far as locations for potential new seasons go, Coelen mentioned that he’s hoping to expand to other U.S. states and even to new countries.

“Look, the idea is that ultimately we’re going to do this in other countries — it’s very global. There’s lots of places that we could take it. Chicago is a great place to look at, so is New York, Boston, Houston. There’s so many different places that we could go,” Coelen said in an interview with Variety.

From the sounds of things, a Canadian spin-off of Love Is Blind could be a possibility, and we are so here for it! All that needs to happen now is for Netflix to sign off on the second season of the hit series to get the ball rolling.

The entire first season is currently available on the streaming service, and a reunion episode that checks in on your favourite (and least favourite) cast members is coming this Thursday, March 5.