This Local Toronto Cafe Just Got Some Love From Lucy Hale

Lucy's becoming a local!
This Local Toronto Cafe Just Got Some Love From Lucy Hale

Most major celebrities spend the bulk of their time in the United States, so when one is spotted hanging out here in Canada, it's definitely a big deal! The cast of Riverdale and To All The Boys I've Loved Before are frequently spotted out in Vancouver, and musicians like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, and Drake spend their share of time in Toronto. As of late, another actress has been hanging out in Canada a lot too! Lucy Hale loves Toronto's Bulldog Coffee.

If you're a big fan of her work, you may have heard that Lucy has landed the leading role in a new Riverdale spin-off series called Katy Keene. The actress was posting all about her time in Toronto last week and even indulged in some Tim Horton's during her stay, because what else are you going to do while in Canada?

[rebelmouse-image 25934975 photo_credit="lucyhale" expand=1 original_size="750x1334"]

On Friday, May 10th Lucy posted the above photo to her Instagram story of an adorable rainbow latte from Bulldog Coffee in the 6ix. The cafe is known not only for its colourful drinks but also for its healthy and delicious snacks like blue matcha chia pudding and acai protein donuts. 

During her time in the city, Lucy also shouted out Toronto's Hey Lucy cafe on the 'gram, so it's safe to say she's doing her share of exploring and getting to know some of the local hot spots that Torontonians rave about so much. Maybe if you hit up her Instagram or Twitter with your favourite spots in the city, she might check them out next!

Although she hasn't explicitly said why she's in the city, we're sure it has something to do with KatyKeene. The show is about an aspiring fashion designer (Hale) who heads to New York City to pursue her big dreams. Along the way, she also meets an aspiring musician, a socialite, and a Broadway actress turned drag queen to keep things interesting.

The show is still in early stages, but it's set to premiere on the CW Network sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. Be sure to follow Lucy's Instagram page for all kinds of fun updates about her adventures in Canada.

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