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Luka Magnotta's Mother Still Believes "Manny" Is Real & Has Video Proof

The police apparently have a photo of Manny.

The popular Netflix documentary Don't F**** With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer shook viewers to their core. The gruesome tale tells the story of a volatile Canadian man who was convicted of torturing and murdering cats and international student Jun Lin on camera. However, not everyone is convinced he was acting alone. Luka Magnotta's Manny abuser theory is something his mother, Anna Yourkin, is trying to prove.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

When arrested by police, Magnotta constantly alluded to a male named Manny Lopez. He claims this man, after abusing him, would force him to partake in the horrid acts he demonstrated in videos shared around the internet.

While this Manny figure was briefly mentioned throughout the documentary, friends and family of Magnotta revealed he had been speaking about this man for many years.

Investigators, however, came to the conclusion that there was no proof of the man's existence and it was attributed back to his obsession with the film Basic Instinct.

Yourkin, who was also featured in the documentary, is still convinced her son was influenced into his actions and she reportedly has proof.

Magnotta released multiple videos of nauseating cat torturings, but there was one that stood out to his mother more than the others.

While Magnotta was presumed to be alone during these recordings, in one video three hands are seen in the same shot.

The killer's mother believes that the hand belongs to Manny Lopez.

She even spoke to TMZ about the footage stating, "In the cat killing video, there's a third hand you can see. So, there's my son's two hands and there's a third hand. So, you can't see a face, so it's unidentifiable - but, Manny was there. My son had phoned me and told me. So, I'm assuming that that hand is Manny Lopez's hand. "

The Toronto native is now begging police to investigate further, claiming that the laptop they seized has a photo of Manny on it that her son had sent her in the past.

However, she's had no luck saying that the police were, "not willing to release what they found."

His mother has since remained innocent in all crimes despite her support of son Magnotta, although she did admit his use of the internet, and his want of her to join in on his "games" made her uncomfortable, "He wanted me to do certain things on the internet that I felt were not right to do, so I didn't, I told him I'm not going to do them...I felt very uncomfortable and I said no."

With a potential new investigation available and the recent news that details were left out of the Netflix documentary, filmmakers have the opportunity to dig even deeper into the crimes of Luka Magnotta, but will they?

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