If you missed out on Lululemon's last massive sale it turns out that you aren't out of luck, because they just extended the sale and added even more new items to their "We Made Too Much" sale selections. As of yesterday, the sale has been extended for another 10 days. 

According to Red Flag, the Canadian activewear retailer has added new items to their sale but they caution that the items added will go quick. That's because Lululemon's "We Made To Much" sales are essentially their version of massive, clearance blowouts. That means the items that are on sale there are the last ones they have available. "So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up quickly!" Red Flag Deals says. 

This also means that everything in this section is final sale. There are no returns or exchanges allowed. So not only do you have to act quickly, but you have to hope you really love what you end up with because you're stuck with it. On the plus side though, the sale, which is entirely online, also includes free shipping with no minimums. 

The sale features a variety of men's and women's clothing and accessories. These are some of the hot items they have there now. 

In the women's section the sale items include: 

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In the men's section, the sale items include: 

The sale includes several other items as well and goes until March 31.