Lululemon Is Actually Launching A Line Of Beauty Products In Canada, Here's Everything You Need To Know

For the first time ever!
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Lululemon Is Actually Launching A Line Of Beauty Products In Canada, Here's Everything You Need To Know

The Canadian company behind the famous black leggings that we know and love will soon be dropping a new line of products and we didn't see it coming. For the first time ever, Lululemon is launching a line of grooming products and we have all the information you need to know. If this line is anything like their clothing, then you know it’s probably going to be a huge success. 

The popular apparel brand officially announced yesterday that they will be launching an all new line of grooming products that will help you with all your self-care needs. This line will include post-gym necessities such as deodorant and dry shampoo. They're definitely giving us another reason to work out!

According to the company, these new products were long overdue. “Over the years, we’ve heard from athletes, ambassadors, and our community that the transition from sweat into daily life requires some specific solutions.” In order to test the products, a trial run was conducted in Toronto and Chicago. 

Lululemon is no stranger to catering to the needs of their customers. The company has already started to explore new avenues including the launch of a footwear line. During these trial runs, it was clear that Lululemon had a serious market in beauty products that needed to be filled. 

The products will include an Anti-Stink Deodorant, Basic Balm, Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer, and Dry Shampoo. All four of these must-haves will be available online and in 50 stores across North America starting this summer in June 2019. 

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As of now, none of the products have been given a price tag. According to information obtained by The Star, the shampoo sold for $34 in large bottles and $18 in gym-sized bottles, with the deodorant going $18 during the trial runs. In other words, from the looks of it, these Lululemon products will not necessarily come cheap. 

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CEO Calvin McDonald says that the firm was ready for this expansion and to “build upon our success.” 

Lululemon has stated that all the products will be cruelty-free with hand-selected, natural ingredients. “Lululemon selfcare products contain clean, good-for-you ingredients, avoiding known irritants like gluten, parabens, and sulfates.” 

“We believe Lululemon has a unique opportunity to push beyond traditional expectations to develop innovative products and become a fully experiential brand that creates compelling experiences for guests who want to completely live into the sweatlife,” wrote McDonald in a news release.

So get ready because Lululemon's grooming line products will be coming to stores near you this summer! 

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