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Lululemon Is Suing An American Clothing Company For Selling "Cheap" Knock-Off Leggings (VIDEOS)

Lululemon says they were the "lowest-quality counterfeit leggings" they'd ever encountered.

Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon filed a lawsuit against Ross Stores Inc and one of its suppliers for allegedly selling “the lowest-quality” counterfeit versions of the company’s famous leggings. The Lululemon lawsuit was filed back in June in a San Francisco federal court, Yahoo Finance reports. The lawsuit argues that Ross Stores sold thousands of cheap knock off versions of Lululemon leggings across the US.

“Lululemon analyzed the counterfeit products and determined they were among the lowest-quality counterfeit leggings that Lululemon had ever encountered,” the lawsuit states.

According to Yahoo Finance, standard Lululemon leggings are made of “smooth, four-way stretch... quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric.” However, the fake products “were made of thin, cheap polyester blends and were not constructed with the high-quality details found in genuine Lululemon products.”

Lululemon representatives obtained 20 pairs of the alleged counterfeit leggings back in March from two Dd’s Discounts stores in a California, a chain owned by Ross Stores

To strengthen their case, Lululemon shared social media posts that showed how the low-quality counterfeit products had misled consumers:

The lawsuit details the damage to the Lululemon brand caused by the counterfeit products. "The harm to Lululemon’s brand and goodwill caused by (the) defendants’ conduct is ongoing, as the negative reviews continue to mount, and confirm the confusion and disappointment caused to consumers due to the inferior quality of the counterfeit 'Lululemon' branded goods sold by the defendants."

Lululemon is currently seeking the destruction of all products that hurt the company’s trademarks and reputation, as well as any damages and profits linked to the alleged sales.

In reaction, Ross Stores filed a motion to buy themselves an extension of time to file a proper response, which had been due on July 15 and 16. The judged allowed the order and the defendants were granted an extension. Ross Store must file a response on or before August 15.