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We're Already Obsessed With Lululemon Canada's New Line of 'Selfcare' Products

Super sweaty post-workout? No need to worry anymore!
We're Already Obsessed With Lululemon Canada's New Line of  'Selfcare' Products

We're crazy about Lululemon. Every time they have a "we made too much" sale we are all over it! Right now, there's a line of new Lululemon Selfcare products to take your lulu-obsession to the next level. 

These new Lululemon Selfcare products offer "solutions to sweaty problems" and they're going to make it way easier for you to fit a workout into your day. This couldn't come at a better time – it's currently summer, meaning it can get hot and humid outside, so there's no relief to be had when you leave your gym or workout class!

There are five products in the line: dry shampoo, two kinds of deodorants, a moisturizer and lip balm. They're all designed to combat sweat and help get you back to semi-normal after an intense workout.

The no-show dry shampoo is perfect for when you need to skip a shower, but you don't want to have greasy hair. The moisturizer is going to be a must-have because it helps reset your face after a workout. So if your face literally changes colour during a workout, this will make it look normal again ASAP.

The line is designed to make the transition from the gym to your everyday life smoother. Their stripped-back and minimalist vibe is perfect for no-nonsense skincare post-workout, and the products are ungendered, so they're made for everyone!

Made with no aluminum, parabens, sulfates or known irritants, the Selfcare line is an easy addition to your skincare routine. To top it all off, they tested their products on athletes, not animals. 

Selfcare By Lululemon

Price: $16 to $52

Why you need it: After you get your workout in, return to your normal, less sweaty life with this fresh and easy to use skincare line from Lululemon


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