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Lush Canada Released 54 New Limited Edition Bath Bombs This Month

Lush Canada releases new line of limited edition bath bombs for 30th anniversary.

Lush surprised Canadians by announcing that they're dropping 54 brand new bath bombs this month and we can't wait! No, this isn't sponsored, we just love all things Lush. The vegan storefront offers a wide array of products that Canadians love to use, especially their dreamy bath bombs.

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You might be wondering, why is Lush deciding to drop an entirely new line of bath bombs right now? They're actually celebrating the 30th anniversary of the bath bomb! Yep, it's been 30 years since Lush launched their very first bath bomb. 

On March 29th, the brand new line of limited edition bath bombs launched online across Canada. Since the new line is going to be huge, Narcity was told that the entire collection will be available online since it would be difficult to carry all items in store.

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Each store will announce which bombs from the collection will be available in store after the release if you'd prefer to smell them before you buy them!

Via Lush

As you can see, the bombs all range in colour and design. It looks like there will be something for everyone. From intergalactic colours to soft seashell designs to rainbow patterns, Lush will have everything you could ever dream of in their new line.

Here's a look at some of the new bath bombs coming to Lush.

Via Lush

Via Lush

Via Lush

As you can see, they have everything from an adorable kitty to a piece of sushi, how cute! We're so excited to check these out once they're released. One of the most highly anticipated bath bombs has to be Royalty. The golden bath bomb resembles a British style crown that is definitely fit for a queen!

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If you love Lush, then you'll definitely want to grab some of their limited edition bath bombs before they sell out for good. A reminder that this exclusive line drops on March 29, 2019.

Source: Narcity Quebec - Izabelle Bee