It's not every day that you see an entire litter of wild cats crossing the street and it's even less likely to catch them on camera. This lynx family video is a rare and adorable sight that someone was able to capture on a highway in Manitoba. The furry feline family is so captivating with the forest, lots of snow and the open road around them.

In a video posted to Facebook by Manitoba Hydro on February 13, the family of six tracks through the snow as they come out of the forest beside a highway.

You can see five smaller lynx following behind their parent as they lead them across the highway to the forest on the other side of the road.

According to National Geographic, female lynx usually give birth to one to four young so this litter is a big one.

The hydro worker that captured this rare sight came across the family by chance while driving.

"Caution: cat crossing. Our employee Shaun Kirchmann filmed this lynx litter on the highway to Grand Rapids after he saw a bunch of little heads peeking from the trees," said Manitoba Hydro in the Facebook post.

This video is so adorable that it can warm your heart even on the coldest of days.

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"It's an animal that not many people see. They may see a bear, coyote, wolf, moose, a deer, but to see a lynx – an entire family of lynx is extremely rare," Bruce Owen, a spokesperson for Manitoba Hydro, told CTV News.

This incredible moment is over in just a minute and is something most people won't ever see in person because lynx are solitary and stealthy cats that avoid humans.

"I'm so glad they chose to cross when you a caring person was on the road," one person commented on the video.

Another person said, "thanks for sharing a once in a lifetime experience."

Canada actually has its own species of the feline, aptly named Canada lynx, which are smaller than their counterparts in Europe and Asia. 

These adorable wild animals tend to roam northern forests thanks to their thick fur that keeps them warm in the winter.

Kirchmann, the person who filmed the video, told CBC that he was overjoyed to see the family of lynx.

"I hope that this video kind of raises awareness of these elusive animals that are beautiful and should be protected," he said.

To keep the family safe from people, Manitoba Hydro isn't saying the exact spot where the video was filmed.