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Mac Miller Is Dead After A Reported Overdose At 26 Years Old

The rapper was found in his home in San Fernando Valley and pronounced dead at the scene.
Mac Miller Is Dead After A Reported Overdose At 26 Years Old

American rap artist, Mac Miller has died after a reported overdose in his home. He was found around noon according to TMZ and was pronounced at the scene. 

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The rapper, whose full name is Malcolm James McCormick, was only 26-years old. TMZ also revealed that it was a male friend who called the authorities to Miller's home. 

Miller had long discussed his substance-abuse issues and it was a prominent factor in his recent breakup from the pop star, Ariana Grande. 

Back in May of this year, the rapper had totalled his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and received two DUI charges for the incident. One was for driving under the influence and another for having a blood-alcohol level above 0.8. 

Miller was also set to tour next month for "The Swimming Tour" to promote his latest album and had two stops scheduled in Canada. He was set to perform in Toronto on November 25 and Vancouver on December 10. 

The rapper discussed his drug use on the 2014 mixtape he released called "Faces." The mixtape also eerily predicted that Miller would die young. 

The rapper had just done a recent profile with the publication Vulture, that was released on September 6, just one day before his untimely death.

The tragic loss of Mac Miller is among other young celebrities that we have lost this year, such as Avicii at 28 years old, XXX Tentacion at 20 years old, and Zombie Boy who was only 32 years old.

Source: TMZ

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