Many people think that if you are living in a big city you're more likely to a victim of crime than someone living in a small town. But according the some new stats the opposite seems to be the case. 

According to a new ranking by Macleans that looks at the Crime Severity Index (CSI) of over 200 towns in cities in Canada most major cities are very safe places to live.  

The report created its rank based on all police-reported crime in each city, and took into account both the volume and seriousness of offences. The ranking was created based on data from 2016. 

The average of CSI in Canada is 70.96, which isn't too bad, all things considering.  And when it comes to major cities making the list, the first truly large place mentioned is Regina, which comes in at number 20.  

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The first really major city to appear on the ranking is Edmonton, coming in at 31st.    

You'd probably think that Canada's largest city, Toronto, would definitely be somewhere in the top 50 but you'd be way wrong. Toronto comes in all the way down at 124st, with a CSI well below the national average of 59.    

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The place with the highest CSI in Canada is: North Battleford in Saskatchewan. Yup, we've never heard of it either, feel free to google it yourself.  

And where exactly is the apparent safest place in Canada you ask? Why in the Kennebecasis Region of New Brunswick of course.  

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Again, we've never heard of it either but if you want to almost guarantee you won't be murdered in Canada that's where you need to move.