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You Will Feel Like You're In Napa At This Magical BC Winery

No need to cross the border for unbelievable wine. 🍷
You Will Feel Like You're In Napa At This Magical BC Winery

Whether you don't know your pinot from your grigio or you know how to swirl a glass like a pro, anyone can have fun on a trip to a winery. There's a place in B.C. that's so spectacular it'll make you feel like you're in the Napa Valley in California. Nk’Mip Cellars is a magical B.C. winery that's just a road trip away from Vancouver. 

The winery is nestled in Osoyoos in the Okanagan and it's about a 5-hour drive from Vancouver. It's the perfect destination for a long-weekend getaway. Part of what makes the winery so magical is that it's an Aboriginal-owned winery so there's a deep connection to the land that you can practically taste in your wine glass.

The winery offers tastings and tours throughout the year and you get huge value for your money. Once you've had your fill of wine, you can wander next door to the gorgeous desert cultural centre where you can both learn about Osoyoos and take killer Instagram-worthy shots of the desert.

All of these magical experiences rolled into one place make this the best winery. You can pass on that trip to California after staying here. If you only go to one winery in B.C., it should be this one because it's a totally unique experience and it has everything you need in one place. The laid back and relaxed vibe will totally make you feel like you're in California. 

Right next door to the winery, you can check-in at the Spirit Ridge Resort which is easily the most beautiful and surprisingly affordable place to stay in Osoyoos. Plus, they have an adults-only pool and you can take romantic strolls and impromptu photo sessions like this all around the property. 

When people are really passionate about something it's infectious. Even if you don't know much about wine, the people at Nk'Mip are so into wine that you'll get it by proxy. You will be so inspired to have a wine and cheese party when you get home. 

You'll drive home with a trunk full of bottles just like you would if you had hit up wine country in California except this is way better since it's uniquely Canadian. Staying and swirling wine at this Osoyoos winery is an absolute must.

If you ever wanted to feel like you're in Napa but you don't feel like crossing the border, then you should check out this gorgeous winery instead because it's not just the next best thing, it's even better.

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Nk’Mip Cellars in Osoyoos

Address: 1400 Rancher Creek Rd, Osoyoos, BC

Why You Need To Go: This magical B.C. winery in Osoyoos will transport you to Napa and you'll feel like you're living your best Cali life here.

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