According to a new study, the majority of Canadians don't consider Valentine's Day a holiday or care about it at all. The study was done by Forum Research Inc. They found that of the Canadian adults surveyed, almost all of them couldn't care less about Valentine's Day. 

The poll found that 6 in 10 Canadians don't think Valentine's Day is important. In fact, the poll found that 80% of the respondents don't consider Valentine's Day to be a holiday. The poll found that if Canadians thought of Valentine's Day as a holiday at all that it was only a commercial holiday, with 57% of Canadians believing that. Since Canadians don't think it's a holiday, there is no reason to celebrate. 

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That's why the poll found that 53%, more than half of Canadians won't celebrate Valentine's Day at all. That being said, younger Canadians and people with children said they were more likely to celebrate this year with more than half of Canadians in both those groups saying they celebrate Valentine's Day. 

When it comes to how they celebrate, the poll found some interesting things about that too. For example, 36% of Canadians expected to spend the most money on a meal today while only 6% expected to spend the most money on jewellery. A big majority, around 86% even said they wouldn't post about Valentine's Day on social media. 

None the less some Canadians are still going all out for the "holiday." A study from two years ago found that in 2017, Canadians were spending an average of $58 on a Valentine's Day present and that price tag didn't include a fancy dinner or anything. 

Despite spending around $58 on gifts, in 2017 the majority of Canadians revealed that they would be happy with just a card while only 33% of them said they would want to go out for dinner and only 15% said they wanted flowers. 

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Statistics Canada has some numbers of their own this Valentine's Day too. According to the 2016 census, 16.4 million Canadians were in a couple who lived together. They also say that another 1.9 million people reported being in a couple but living apart. These include marriages and common law partnerships. 

Meanwhile, the census also found that over 12.4 million Canadians are single, including people who have never been married or are divorced or widowed. 

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Whichever one of those categories you fall into today, if you think Valentine's Day is a commercial waste of time or it's got you feeling down, just remember, you're not alone!