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Make 2019 The Year Of Learning To Say No And Letting Go Of Negativity In Your Life

In 2019, learn how to start saying no more in your relationships.
Make 2019 The Year Of Learning To Say No And Letting Go Of Negativity In Your Life

2018 has come and gone – now that it's a new year, why not take on a new challenge and see where it could take you? Let's make 2019 the year of learning when to say "no" in your relationships and the year of refusing negativity to continue to manifest in your life.

It's easy for us to say "yes" to things we don't actually want because we feel obligated, pressured, or embarrassed to say no. However, saying "no" is empowering – after all, it's your life and you should be the one in control. We should be the ones calling the shots, not anyone else.

For me personally, I find it empowering when I get to exercise my right to say no. Especially for women, we can find it all too easy to feel bad for saying no and we can brush things off even when they don't leave you feeling good because society has conditioned us to be people pleasers.

The next time a guy makes a sexist remark or doesn't treat you right, or a "friend" who only hits you up when they need something asks for your help, you can and you should exercise your powerful right to say no.

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Say no to people who peer pressure you. Say no to people who bring toxicity into your life. Say no to people who aren't genuine to you. Say no to people who are flakey and set your relationship on their terms only. Say no to people who manipulate you. Say no.

Via Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash

By saying no, you can learn more about what you actually want in life and be more honest to the people around you. Don't feel guilty, because there's only so many things we can allow into our lives.

You are the one with the power to prioritize what's important to you, and by saying no, you're actually saying yes to allowing more of the good vibes into your life.

For me personally, I learned to say no more and let go of things in 2018 and it's left me feeling empowered. I let go of a romantic relationship and said no to what was comfortable and secure. But the experience allowed me to grow immensely. I said no to the people who weren't bringing any light or positivity into my life and instead focused on those who were. 

Via Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

By setting boundaries in our lives and learning when to say no, this is a way of loving ourselves and self-care. We can only handle so much in life, and by stretching ourselves thin, it's not helping you or the people around you. It can be hard to say no, especially to those we love, but there are times when you need to realize saying yes will do more harm than good. 

By saying no more often, we can value the things we say yes to even more. You need to first learn how to respect yourself and not just think about pleasing people before giving away your precious time and energy to others. 

We only have so much time every day, so why not allow only the things you do want into your life this year? 2019 is the year you stop settling by saying yes to everything. Life's too short to live on someone else's terms. Find the power within you that you already possess to say no to toxicity this year.

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