In the last U.S.A federal election, Donald Trump's campaign introduced the now-iconic red Make America Great Again hat. With the next Canadian federal election right around the corner, it seems that trend has officially made it to Canada. However, up here the hats have a twist, they say "Make Canada Trudeauless Again." That's not the only version out there, though. 

The hats, which have been circulating on social media for a while now, seem to be coming from Conservative supporters who want Andrew Scheer to be the next prime minister. However, the Conservatives have not officially endorsed or affiliated themselves with the hats or the slogan on them. 

Nonetheless, according to Twitter the hats definitely seem to be popular among some Conservatives and especially those in Alberta. In the majority of the tweets showcasing the hats or using the phrase "Make Canada Trudeauless Again" users have also tagged Andrew Scheer, and mention Alberta directly. Of course, that doesn't mean that everyone in Alberta supports these hats or the Conservatives. However, statistically, that's how the majority of the province has voted. 

According to the CBC News Poll Tracker, since the last federal election in 2015 the polls have shown really strong support for the Conservatives in Alberta. In fact, the latest averages show that 59% of Albertans polled support the Conservative Party. 

That's why it's not surprising that a lot of the "Make Canada Trudeauless Again" tweets seem to center around that province as well. 

That's not the only catchphrase they are using, however. Other anti-Liberal apparel has been popping up across Canada. For example, one online retailer is selling shirts that say "Make Alberta Great Again," "Make Trudeau A Drama Teacher Again," and even "Make The Oilpatch Great Again" among others.  

The federal election is currently set for October 21, 2019. With 81 days until then and a lot of campaigning left to do, it still remains to be seen if these voters will succeed in making Canada "Trudeauless" again.