As festivals, vacations and public events continue to be cancelled across Canada, many Canadians are wondering what their stay-at-home summer will look like. If you've got enough cash to drop on a Malibu-style mansion in Quebec, you won't need to worry about a vacation. Why go abroad when your home is like a resort?!

Located in the Blainville region of Quebec, this California-inspired home is as beautiful and as bougie as they come.

The five bedroom, four bathroom home is more like a resort than a house, thank to its private gym, poolside sunbeds, outdoor lounge area and glamorous glass walls.

At night, the whole property lights up to become an evening oasis, where you could spend your summer evenings lounging by the pool, BBQ-ing dinner, and toasting drinks under the stars.

If that wasn't enough, the huge kitchen comes fully-equipped with a huge wine storage space. In fact, you can keep up to 60 bottles of booze here, stored at the perfect, optimum temperature.

If that's not enough room for all of your stash, don't worry. Downstairs, there's a glass cellar with enough space for an additional 300 bottles, so you'll never have to worry about an alcohol shortage.

With all of this, and so much more, why would you ever want to leave?!

After a busy day of drinking your wine, swimming in your huge pool, snoozing on your sunbeds, then cooking up a feast on your huge outdoor BBQ and patio, why not take a long, relaxing soak in one of the home's many deep soaker tubs?

Spend the evenings in the property's dedicated private theatre, where you can fall asleep under the specialized LED lights, which are there to "create an instant mood."


If you're not already packing your bags and preparing to move to Blainville, there's even more potential to create a vacation-style resort here.

According to the listing, a spa or additional gym could also be arranged on the top floor, and a license has already been issued for a private tennis court.

Unsurprisingly, however, this Malibu-style dream home comes with a hefty price tag.

To be able to afford this staycation mansion, you'll need to have almost $3 million to drop. Ouch.

Just think of the cash you could save on vacations, though!

Malibu-Style Mansion

Price: $2,888,888

Address: 31 de l'Ardennais, Blainville, QC

Description: Never leave your house again! With a resort-style pool, home theatre, private gym, glass walls and enough room for a lifetime supply of booze, it's a staycation-lovers dream.

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