Now, we're all well aware that raccoons can be pests. In fact, they are pests. But they're also animals so when you're working out how to deal with the problems they cause, it's probably best to exercise some restraint. Or you could go the other way, like this man accused of trying to kill a raccoon with a pail of water and a pitchfork.

Wait, what?

According to Elliot Lake Today, officers from the East Algoma division of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a call in the Northern Ontario city of Elliot Lake, located between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury, last week. 

At around 11 a.m. on Thursday, September 12, police showed up to a property on Mississauga Avenue in the City of Elliot Lake, Ontario.

The female resident who phoned the police had reported screaming coming from her neighbour's backyard and was obviously concerned.

When they went to check what was happening, they allegedly saw the male neighbour attempting to kill a raccoon in a trap with a pitchfork and a pail of water.

According to CTV News, Const. Phil Young said officers aren't sure whether the animal survived, but that the man was reported to have got into his vehicle with the raccoon and driven off.

When the suspect returned, the animal was nowhere to be found and the cage was empty.

After an investigation, police charged an 83-year-old man with cruelty to animals (unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury). The man is slated to appear in provincial court in Elliot Lake, on October 29, 2019.

Raccoons can be difficult to deal with, particularly if they're hanging around your property. Maybe this one was drunk and disorderly. Or maybe it was casing the joint for a break-and-enter?

Still, if you're embroiled in a stand-off with a raccoon, maybe leave the pitchfork out of it.

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