A Canadian man had to do the unthinkable and save his dog from being attacked by two cougars in Campbell River, BC. The incident took place only a few days ago at a cabin not far from where he lives. Since the incident, the man has been left shocked and excited from his close encounter. He even took several videos to prove what he went through. 

On April 3rd, 2019, BC resident Mike Germustad and his dog Shorty took a quick trip to a small cabin near Campbell River, British Columbia. Germustad told Narcity that he and his dog were headed to the cabin to pick up trash that is typically left behind from frequenters of the cabin. When they arrived, they had no idea that they were being watched. 

According to Germustad, after about an hour of cleaning, he heard what he thought was a truck. After waiting for the car to pass by, he realized that there was no one else there. “That’s when I saw a cougar and seconds behind that one was a second one,” said Germustad. 

Germustad recounted the scary situation to Narcity, saying that the two cougars locked eyes on Shorty. The curious and friendly dog almost started walking towards them but Germustad quickly called him back. It was then that one of the cougars decided to make their move. 

“One of the cougars started coming towards us and I grabbed Shorty by the scruff of his hair and lifted him up. The cougar slammed into my leg and I stuffed Shorty into the side-by-side I was next to. The cougar retreated next to the other cougar but they didn’t leave,” said Germustad. 

Watch the terrifying video below. 

In the video, you can hear Germustad call back Shorty. When the video goes blurry for a few seconds, this is when the attack happened. You can even see the cougar scamper away after missing the attack. 

While Shorty was lucky this time, the cougars thought they could make their move again. While Germustad said that the rest of the afternoon was calm, the two cougars remained close by, watching their every move. 

“One laid down by the deck of the cabin and the other by the tree. I continued to videotape until my phone almost ran out of batteries,” explained Germustad. 

Although it was a terrifying incident, Germustad has said that it is nothing new in this area. Since the videos were posted on his Facebook page, he has received numerous comments and personal messages from other people about their experiences with what seems to be the same two cougars. 

Germustad has notified conservation officers of the close encounter and since then, signs have been put up around the area. "I don’t want them to do anything to the animals," he said. "I was in their home. But there are lots of families and dogs that go there and people need to be aware."

Germustad and his girlfriend often frequent that cabin with Shorty. He explained to Narcity that every time they go there, they often want to encounter some type of wildlife, although, this isn’t exactly what they had in mind. 

This is not even the first time that an extremely close encounter with a cougar took place in BC. Just last month on March 29, a 7-year-old boy was attacked in the backyard of his family home by a cougar. In order to save her son, his mom jumped on the cougar and pried open his jaws.