Everyone's favourite family drama series "This Is Us" is set to return for its third season on September 25th. Fans have high hopes for the new season after the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, revealed that it's "the best season of television ever made."

Until now, nobody knew what to expect for the third season. Now that we know how Jack died, we're dying to find out what makes the upcoming season so great. In a recent interview, Mandy Moore revealed a major clue about what we can expect, calling the upcoming season the "most ambitious yet."

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In the interview, Mandy was asked to describe what's in store for Rebecca Pearson in three words. Mandy responded with "early days courtship" - in other words, fans can expect to see a whole lot more of how Jack and Rebecca fell in love. We're already holding back tears!

"I just spent time in the writers' room with Dan and all of our incredible writers. What they have in store for Season 3 and the next couple seasons is pretty remarkable," Mandy said, "We've shown people what this show can be and all of the different multitudes of directions we can go in."

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Mandy says viewers should "buckle up" for the pivotal moments that are coming to season three. "There is going to be some great stuff unfolding in Season 3. I am really, really excited for everyone — for Beth, for Toby, like their own stories, learning more about everybody, getting a fuller picture of who jack and Rebecca were when they first started dating, who Jack was during the Vietnam War."

Mandy also revealed that viewers aren't the only ones who burst out crying at every emotional scene on This Is Us. Even the film crew can barely keep it together. "Sometimes the crew does cry," Mandy says, "You’ll see our boom operator, Aaron, in between takes wiping tears away."

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"I remember people were really into the big long fight scene that Milo and I had for the last episode of Season 1 where we’re screaming at each other. It was like everybody was on edge but really felt that, and I think some of these other more traumatic and upsetting moments in this past season that people were like, it’s hard not to be affected by it."

Only three months of waiting left to go! 

Source: TV Guide