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Manitoba Will Reopen Next Week With Patios & Hair Salons Included In Phase 1

Other provinces have reopening plans as well.
Manitoba Reopening Starts On May 4 With Patios & Hair Salons Included

Have you been longing to sit on a patio again? Do you need to go to a salon to get your isolation hair under control? You'll soon be allowed to do just that! Manitoba's reopening is starting on May 4 with patios and hair salons being included in the first phase.

On April 29, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announced the province's reopening plans during a press conference and the first one is starting so soon.

As of May 4, some non-essential operations will be allowed to resume.

That will ease restrictions on retail businesses like clothing stores, sporting goods stores, restaurant patios and hair salons.

There will be physical distancing practices that these businesses have to follow when they reopen and the province will actually be stepping up inspections to make sure that's happening.

"People want this to be a sustainable reopening," said Pallister.

With restaurants, there will be no buffets and no grabbing shared things like condiments by hand.

There will also be a limited seating capacity to ensure distance and separation.

Dine-in options will be outdoor only to start off but that could be changed depending on how the first phase goes.

"There is no room for complacency," Pallister said. "There must be no COVID comeback."

On May 4, non-urgent health services will resume as well.

That includes dentists, orthodontists and elective surgeries.

Also, outdoor recreation restrictions will be eased on that day too with playgrounds, golf courses and campgrounds reopening.

Gatherings will still be restricted and can have no more than 10 people.

Increasing the number of people that can gather will be considered depending on how this phase of the plan goes and that could happen as early as mid-May.

Pallister also noted that reopening isn't a one size fits all and that it will differ all over Canada.

"Together we'll beat this thing," he said.

Other provinces are also reopening and easing restrictions.

In Quebec, retail stores outside of Montreal will reopen as early as May 4 with stores in the city doing the same a week later.

Schools will also be gradually reopened.

Saskatchewan is starting up the economy again on May 4 with medical services and low-risk outdoor activities as part of a five-phase plan.

In New Brunswick, households can spend time with one other household, health activities can resume and outdoor spaces can be used again for the next couple of weeks.

If the province's curve remains flat during that time, more measures will then be eased.