You Can Go Paddle Boarding With Beluga Whales In Manitoba & It's The Most Surreal Experience Ever

BRB making friends with the Belugas 🐳
You Can Go Paddle Boarding With Beluga Whales In Manitoba & It's The Most Surreal Experience Ever

When you think of Canadian wildlife experiences, you might think of the breathatking sight of a deer crossing the road, seeing a mother bear and her cubs in the forest or perhaps coming across a moose drinking from a crystal blue lake. However, did you know that Beluga whale paddle boarding in Manitoba is actually a thing and you can do it every summer? This is a once-in-a-lifetime Canadian wildlife experience that you have to put on your bucket list.

Sea North Tours and SUP North in Churchill, Manitoba work together to bring this unique opportunity for Canadians and visitors to experience Beluga whales like never before. You'll see tons of Beluga whales in their natural habitat up close and personal from your paddleboard. It's insane how many you'll meet and how they like to get right up close to you in the water!

Beluga whales are highly social and their blubblery melon-shaped heads are an adorable sight to see bobbing out from the ocean.

Even though they're friendly, they're also massive weighing between two and three thousand pounds and getting up to 15 feet long! Belugas usually travel in groups as small as a few or as many as hundreds.

Churchill is still cold, even in the summer, so you'l have to wear a wet suit while you're paddle boarding. You'll also head out on the water with a tour guide who will be with you and there's even a safety zodiac (a mini-inflatable boat) with you just in case. You will be able to spend a full two hours on the water and you can sit or stand on the board as you like. 

Churchill is an isolated place and there are literally no roads that lead there! This means tou'll have to fly or take the train in to visit.

With such a unique opportunity to get close to wildlife, you'll definitely want to make it out to Churchill one day. While you're in Manitoba, don't miss your chance to get up close to swimming Polar Bears, too!

Paddleboarding With Beluga Whales

Price: $170 plus tax

When: Only in July and August

Address: Sea North Tours, 153 Kelsey Boulevard PO Box 219Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0 

Why you need to go: Paddleboard with friendly and curious beluga whales for a Canadian experience like no other!


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