Southern Manitoba’s crazy snowstorm continues to wreak havoc on the area this weekend, as thousands of local people are still without power. To make matters worse, residents in and around Portage la Prairie have now been asked to stop flushing their toilets today, after the city requested water usage be kept to an absolute minimum.

While the whole of Manitoba has seen some pretty wild and unseasonal weather conditions over the past few days, the Central Plains city of Portage la Prairie has experienced some of the worst of the conditions. 

According to Global News, more than 8,000 people in and around the city have been without power since Friday, and many of the roads in and out of the city remain closed into the weekend.

To make matters even worse for local residents, who are not only stranded and without power, the city has now asked them to stop flushing their toilets, to prevent any sewage from backing up into other people’s homes.

The snow started falling in southwest Manitoba on Wednesday afternoon, and has been cutting across the southwest corner of the province into the Red River Valley ever since.

Despite advanced predictions that up to 50cm of snow could fall in the area by Thanksgiving long weekend, the unseasonal heavy snowstorm has caused severe power outages and treacherous road conditions across the region.

Downed trees and power lines had city staff working throughout the night to clear roads in the southwestern areas of the province, with officials reporting that conditions were improving, but remained dangerous.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the City of Portage la Prairie Municipal Government explained, “Highway #1 will remain closed until further notice, road conditions are in bad shape and (MIT) Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation are helping Manitoba Hydro with getting electrical power restored.”

They went on to add, “Please stay home if possible. Roads are in poor shape, trees and hydro lines are down. There is no hydro for the City of Portage la Prairie until further notice.”

Environment Canada's winter storm warnings remain in effect across several parts of southwestern Manitoba, as well as through the Interlake region.

The Weather Network predicts that between 40 and 60 cm of snow has already fallen through south-central Manitoba, with up to another 20 cm still on the way for some. 

If you're in Manitoba this weekend, stay warm, stay safe, and try to hold in those 'number 2s'!

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