Why does summer seem to be the shortest month? You can squeeze the most fun out of summer at Manitoba's floating water park. It'll make you feel like a kid again and have you dreaming of summer.

Latley, Manitoba has been getting some outstanding seasonal activities that are making the rest of the country jealous. From pop-up saunas to the world's largest snow maze, Manitoba is reaching peak fun.

Now we have one more thing to add the list of reasons why Manitoba is awesome — Splish Splash Water Park. It will be opening this June and you will want to spend your entire summer here.

The park told Narcity in an email that they are aiming to open the weekend of June 26, and we couldn't be more excited for summer now.

This is Manitoba's first floating water park and will be 40 minutes from Brandon or two hours from Winnipeg.

The massive floating playground is the perfect spot to cool off this summer with your friends. There will be all sorts of unique obstacles to defeat, such as trampolines and monkey bars.

Or if you are feeling brave, you can try the tower launch, which will send you flying up to 25 feet in the air.

You'll have the best time bouncing between the different areas, and if you feel too warm. When you get too baked in the sun, you can take a dip in the water below.

New for this year, they will also have nightly wipeout races that sound incredible. You'll be able to try to complete the overwater track for a chance to win a prize.

For such an unforgettable experience, visiting the floating park is surprisingly affordable.

It is only $26.99 for one day pass that lets you visit for up to 9 hours. Plus, it includes access to Minnedosa Beach for the entire day too.

Splish Splash Water Park

Price: $26.99

When: From the weekend of June 26, 2020

Address: Minnedosa Beach, Minnedosa, MB

Why You Need To Go: This is where you will want to cool off this summer.