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7-Bedroom Waterfront Mansion For Sale In PEI Costs Less Than A Toronto Condo (PHOTOS)

This is an ocean-lovers private paradise!

If you thought you’d never be able to afford a waterfront mega-mansion, think again! While you’d probably struggle to find a 7-bedroom home for under a million dollars in Toronto, Prince Edward Island has got you covered. This mansion for sale in P.E.I. is not only huge, charming and beautifully decorated, it’s also got some of the best views in the neighbourhood.

Located in the P.E.I. municipality of York, this huge home boasts a whopping seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, spread across two huge storeys.

It’s located just minutes away from local beaches and sand dunes, as well as the local golf course and nearby airport.

Perfect for ocean-lovers, this home has direct access to the water, where you can spend summer days kayaking, swimming or simply basking in the views.

While the sheer size of the place is particularly impressive, it’s the property’s surroundings that make it one of the most extraordinary houses for sale in the area.

The listing describes the views from this home as “breathtaking,” as there’s panoramic views of the ocean. 

To make the most of the gorgeous setting, the living room, dining room and kitchen all have large windows and garden doors, which lead to a wrap-around deck overlooking the water. 

On summer nights, why not relax on the second-floor balcony, and observe the summer sun setting on the water?

Outside, the waterfront deck is the best place to stop and enjoy your scenic surroundings.

Here, you can escape all of your worries and stresses, by relaxing beside the water in your own private paradise.

If that wasn't enough, this dreamy home is fully equipped with modern appliances, new flooring and it's already decorated to the highest standard.

You could move straight in, and not need to change a single thing at all!

However, without a doubt, the best thing about this property is the price. It’s listed on the market for just $899,700, which is considerably less than many standard-sized homes in the GTA.

In fact, there are even condos in downtown Toronto that cost more than this waterfront mansion, and you definitely get a lot less for your money.

While New Brunswick is the place to be if you're looking for a mansion on a budget, P.E.I. also seems to have plenty of affordable properties which offer lots of bang for your buck!

If you weren't already sold by the extraordinary views surrounding this huge mansion, the price will surely win you over.

7 Bedroom Mega-Mansion

Price: $899,700

Address: 278 MacMillan Point Rd, York, PE

Description: Just imagine waking up to these views every single morning, and spending summer days floating on your own stretch of ocean. Dreamy!

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