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This Chateau For Sale In Ontario Belongs On "The Crown"

There's a golf course in the backyard!

Just less than an hour north of Toronto lies an elegant stone mansion. Located in the Bayview Southeast area, right behind a golf course, this mansion in Aurora, Ontario looks like it belongs to Royalty.

At 15 Awesome Again Lane yes, that's really the address, you'll come across a beautiful chateau-like masterpiece of a home. With seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, there's plenty of space to roam around and explore.

The house gives off European vibes and looks totally magical all year round. Whether the garden is blooming in the summer or the castle-like exterior is dusted with snow in the winter, it's a sight to behold. Also, the heated driveway and basement floors are welcome additions on cold winter nights.

Priced at $7,299,000, this home is a huge score considering how beautiful it is, the size of it, and all the amenities.

Either way, Canadian housing is expected to skyrocket in price in the next two years. So, you might as well buy this baby now. Or, split the cost with your 10 best friends.

Besides the abundance of bedrooms, the mansion also has a rec room, tennis/sports room, theatre room, wine cellar, and what they call a "hobby room."

Even though the address is Awesome Again Lane, awesome is an understatement when it comes to this gorgeous home.

With an overlooking balcony into the living room, the house just screams Royalty and luxury.

The paisley chairs and gothic chandeliers in the living room are just the perfect touches. The wooden panels lining the ceiling just add to the chateau-like vibe.

The home is a modern take on a classic style making it warm and welcoming, the perfect place to entertain.

You can walk out of the 19th century and into the hangout hub where the early 2000s seem to have taken over.

It's basically a bachelor or bachelorette pad within a home. It's a college kid's dream. They'll never have to move out. Not in this economy at least.

On top of the breathtaking interior, you will fall in love with all of the outdoor space this home has to offer. A massive outdoor living room with a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ, and tons of green space.

Oh, and it backs directly onto a golf course so you've got beautiful scenery for days.

Aurora Mansion

Price: $7,299,000

Address: 15 Awesome Again Lane, Aurora, Ont.

Description: You can basically move to Europe without leaving Canada.

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