This Waterfront Castle In Arizona Will Make You Forget About Going To The Beach

It's even got a huge jacuzzi room.
Mansion In Flagstaff Has Waterfront Property & Mountain Views

If you're looking for some peace and quiet with a bit of luxury, look no further. This eco-friendly mansion in Flagstaff has everything you could hope for. The castle architecture and huge floor-to-ceiling windows make you feel like you're outdoors without having to be outside. Plus, it's on a lake and surrounded by huge pines. 

This Flagstaff home has an interior that does justice to the gorgeous lake and pine surroundings. With rough rock walls, dark wood cabinets, and tons of giant windows, this airy house is perfect for any nature lover. 

Lake access isn't the only perk, there's also a jacuzzi tub that overlooks the water for the most relaxing soak of your life. Plus, a built-in barbecue area and nearby golf course make it feel like you're on vacation all year long.

Even though it costs $2,950,000, it's got plenty of space to fit a huge family without feeling cramped. Plus, all the outdoors area makes it super worth it.

Five bedrooms and bathrooms give everyone their own space while the clubroom is full of games and other amenities to bring the family together for some fun. 

There are even community pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds so the whole gang can stay active and busy without needing to travel far. What more could you want?! 

A huge yard and the waterfront are perfect for summer days spent outdoors and splashing around.  

[rebelmouse-image 25973973 photo_credit="David Rose | Chandler Infinity " expand=1 original_size="2074x1356"]

That hot tub area is goals. Imagine in the winter, staring out at the softly falling snowflakes while you're soaking and sipping hot chocolate.


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There's a fireplace in nearly every bedroom, plus one in the living room, club room, and jacuzzi area. Just when you think this house couldn't be any cozier, picture snuggling up at night with an (electric) fireplace in your bedroom! 

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This house is eco-friendly too, to top it all off. Who wants to move in? 

Flagstaff House

Price: $2,950,000

Address: 401 N. Sky View St., Flagstaff, AZ 

Description: This eco-friendly castle combines the great outdoors with awesome luxury. 

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