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Martin Luther King JR's Son Wants Canadians To Vote For Justin Trudeau (VIDEO)

He said Trudeau's blackface was "foolish," but says he'd still vote Liberal.

As the 2019 federal election campaign draws to a close, an increasing number of celebrities, both Canadian and international, have used their platform to support particular candidates. This week, Barack Obama tweeted his support to Justin Trudeau, and Ryan Reynolds implied he’d be voting red. Now, Liberals have scored yet another priceless seal of approval, as Martin Luther King III has endorsed Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister.

Martin Luther King III spent the day in Toronto on Friday, visiting members of the WE youth social advocacy group. When invited to speak by the community of Alexandra Park about the upcoming election, Martin Luther King Jr’s son made his opinion on the matter very clear.

Speaking to approximately 100 people in Toronto's Alexandra Park Community Centre, Martin Luther King III explained, “I don’t know that endorsement is important, so I’m not necessarily here to endorse.”

However, the 61-year-old civil rights activist and global humanitarian went on to say, “What I will say is, if I was a Canadian resident, I would support my friend and his party, Justin Trudeau.”

Sharing a clip of him endorsing the Canadian Prime Minister on Twitter, Martin Luther King III explained, “My father used to say that a voteless people is a powerless people, and that the most important step we can take is that short step to the ballot box."

King concluded, "I encourage all Canadians, especially young people, to vote in this important election.”

During an interview after his speech, the activist was asked by a journalist about Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, which rocked the Liberal campaign last month.

Describing the decision to dress up in blackface as “foolish,” King went on to say, “I think it was not smart, but I’m looking at today in 2019 and ’18 and since he’s been elected, what he has done in terms of bringing together a diverse cabinet, in terms of including young people, in terms of dealing with climate change.”

In response to King’s speech, and his subsequent tweet about the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau simply tweeted, “Thanks for your support, @OfficialMLK3.”

Several big-names have come out to support their political party of choice in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Rihanna showed her appreciation for Jagmeet Singh by following him on Instagram and DM’ing with the NDP leader, and Pamela Anderson has made it known that she is regularly campaigning with the Green Party.

The Prime Minister is also earning some priceless celebrity endorsements, by securing official support from Barack Obama, and possibly even Ryan Reynolds.

With the election now less than three days away, we will soon see how much of a difference these celebrity endorsements have really made!

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