We have the best news for Avengers fans! Marvel Land DCA is coming in 2020 - aka Disney's California Adventure.

We were all waiting for it to happen. We’ve had some serious envy of the Stark Expo in Hong Kong and Avenger’s Land coming to Disneyland Paris. Now, it’s finally SoCal’s turn. 

Marvel Land is set to take the space of what used to be A Bug’s Land. At the D23 Parks and Experiences panel, the chairman of Disney Parks and Experiences, Bob Chapek, announced two new rides for the park. 

The new Avengers rides will be completely different from any other simulated trip you’ve seen at the park before. They’re completely interactive. You'll get to test out high-tech avengers gear, fly around like Spiderman in an amazing virtual world, and join the Black Panther to fight Thanos's evil forces that have broken into Wakanda. 

So what’s the first phase of the plan? 

In true Disney fashion, they’re spreading out the release of the new attractions. The suspense is building. We can’t wait much longer!

Before you fly to Wakanda, you'll first get to test out your Spidey skills. 

In the all-new Spiderman ride, you’ll use hand gestures to shoot virtual webs from your wrists and swing from death-defying (virtual) heights.

Marvel Land DCA Disney California Adventure 2020

As a rider, it’s your job to catch escaped spider bots while flying around in the ultimate web-slinger vehicle. Cool, right? 

Phase one of Marvel Land will also bring an Ant-Man and the Wasp restaurant, Doctor Strange show, and plenty of opportunities for meet and greets with the famous characters. Did we mention there’s going to be a rooftop show?

Marvel Land DCA Disney California Adventure 2020

The rooftop stunt shows will feature your friendly neighborhood Spiderman swinging above guests to fight off bad guys. You'll also see everyone’s favorite Avengers, including Black Panther, Captain America, and Black Widow. 

The second phase of Marvel Land will bring you aboard the Avengers' sleek and stylish Quinjet, where you’ll fly to the futuristic Black Panther world of Wakanda alongside your fave superheroes. According to the Disney concept art, you'll be fighting giant flying insects with razor-sharp teeth!

Marvel Land DCA Disney California Adventure 2020

While Disney has yet to release the exact dates for Marvel Land, we will keep looking. Check back here for updates.

The backstory of Marvel Land revolves around the Avengers Campus training a new group of would-be superheroes (aka you). You and your friends will get to explore the coolest labs with innovative hero technology and learn how to protect the planet. Are you up for the challenge?

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