A new show is coming your way! Marvel's series What If...? will be animated by Squeeze, a Quebec based studio. It's set to air on Disney+ next year. 

According to Variety, it was first announced in April 2019 when news of the new streaming platform came. 

The first season will consist of 10 episodes and Variety writes that "The animation takes its cue from the eponymous comic book series that explores alternative histories for key characters and supporting characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The animation studio behind the new series was created in 2011 by co-founders Denis Doré and Patrick Beaulieu.

According to Squeeze's website, there are currently two locations. One is located on 520 Boulevard Charest E. in Quebec and the other is at 5425 Casgrain Ave. in Montreal. 

The creative team at Squeeze is made up of almost 150 employees with work on 3D animation as well, per Variety.

Doré reportedly told Variety, “Marvel was looking for a world-class animation studio to come up with a fresh and unique style that would be in keeping with their brand essence. We really clicked, right from our initial talks in Los Angeles last year, and they loved our proposal. I’m thrilled that our artists’ creativity and talent resonated so strongly in Hollywood.”

On their website, some of Squeeze's partners include Teletoon, Microsoft, Mattel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and of course Marvel. 

They've done animation on projects including Titan Empires, Assassin's Creed 4, Candy Runner, Troll - The Tale of a Tail, and Whippet Coconut Sticks.

Their YouTube channel has dozens of videos for commercials, video games, showreels, and trailers.

They even have their own characters they've created featuring some pretty cute animals including a lion, hippo, goldfish, goat, ladybug, and tons more. A quick flip through the photos shows that Squeeze has a knack for characters with bulging eyes that are adorably funny looking. 

What If...? is set for a release on Disney+ in summer 2021.