The home cooks who win Masterchef Canada undoubtedly become superstar chefs. Just look at Mary Berg, one of the recent winners who now has her own popular food blog A Small Stove, and is a regular guest on CTV's Your Morning and the Marilyn Dennis Show, and has her own show Mary's Big Kitchen Party on Gusto. 

If you have always dreamed of being a Canadian celebrity chef now may be your chance. Masterchef Canada auditions are now open and this is how you can get on the show. 

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CTV announced today that the reality show is looking for the next batch of home cooks to be on season 6 of the famous show. There are a few requirements people must meet in order to be eligible. You have to be able to legally travel within Canada, be able to take 40 consecutive days off for filming, and obviously be willing to be filmed for TV. 

Other requirements include that you do not have a criminal record, are not and never have been a professional chef or have otherwise worked in a kitchen or restaurant, and you have to be physically and mentally healthy enough to endure the pressures of the show. 

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The application process is actually easier than you might think. You simply apply online and submit a photo of yourself to go with the application. There is also the optional step of submitting a video explaining why you should be the next Masterchef.

Anyone selected to move forward in the process will then be contacted and interviewed by producers. The team then determines which contestants will move forward to the audition phase and maybe even the actual competition. 

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On top of the online application process, for anyone living in or near Toronto, there will also be an open casting call for the show taking place on Sunday, September 30.

Click here to apply online now!