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Fans Are Worried About ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry As He Is Seen For The First Time In Years

They're calling on the rest of the Friends cast for help!

We'll always have a special connection with the cast of Friends. Their show impacted literally everyone alive. It seems like the Friends cast is making their way back into the public eye recently. The girls all posted their Mexico getaway photo's on Instagram a few days ago. Now, another cast member is following their lead; Matthew Perry is back in public for the first time in years

The last time Matthew Perry was seen in public was back in 2017 when he guest starred on the show The Good Wife. It was also at the same time he produced and premiered his off-broadway play, The End of Longing, in New York City. 

The worry for Matthew's well being began when he tweeted that he was back in therapy in February. He's struggled with heavy addiction problems in the past, especially during the '90s. He's even claimed that he doesn't remember filming three seasons of Friends.  

The Canadian actor also had medical issues a year ago with a gastrointestinal perforation that sent him into surgery and recovery away from the public eye. 

Fans are worried again after pictures were released of Matthew not looking his best for the first time in 2 years. He had uncut fingernails, a large mark on his right cheek, and was wearing oversized clothes. 

They're so worried that they're encouraging his former castmates to check in on him. 

Matthew is making light of the whole situation on Twitter by tweeting this in response to headlines about him: 

Some fans are taking his public outing and humor as a sign that he's on the right track to recovery and we agree with them! 

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