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Matthew Perry’s ‘Friends’ Costars Are Extremely Worried After Photos Of Him Are Released

This is why they haven't discussed a 'Friends' reunion!

There's a huge factor why the Friends reunion idea hasn't been explored yet. Pictures were released of Matthew Perry last week after years out of the public eye. Fans were worried that his appearance wasn't the healthiest, especially because of him admitting on Twitter that he was kicked out of rehab in February. But fans aren't the only ones who are concerned. Matthew Perry's Friends costars are worried about his well being

It's no secret that the Friends star has struggled with addiction and depression in the past. The good news is he did return to rehab, but these new photos are sparking up rumors that maybe he's left the rehab facility again.

A source told RadarOnline that all 5 of his former costars are "'at their wits' end over Perry’s disheveled appearance, odd behavior and reclusive ways."

They also talked about Jennifer Aniston specifically saying that:

“Just because Jen isn’t super close to Matthew doesn’t mean she isn’t scared for him. She’s tried making contact numerous times over the past few years, but he rarely returns calls and when he does it’s like talking to a different person.”

The rest of the gang, including Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Lisa Kudrow, are also worried about him. RadarOnline reveals they cast is, “desperately sad to see Matt in such a bad way and his state of mind is a big reason why the Friends reunion hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. But that’s not their main concern – it’s seeing him struggle so badly that’s breaking their hearts.”

They also reported that the former sitcoms stars most forefront mission is to get Matthew back on the "right track" and healthy again. We couldn't agree more!