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Matthew Perry's Wife On Friends

We'll probably all be obsessed with Friends for the rest of our lives. The same goes for the actors who brought everyone's fave 90s sitcom to life. Not only will they have the memories they had on set playing iconic New Yorkers but they're still all and will probably continue to be close friends in real life. There were two characters on Friends that shared an extra special on and off-set. Matthew Perry's wife on Friends, Courteney Cox, are still such good friends. 

Although Perry's life may have hit some rough patches over the years while he dealt with his addiction issues, Cox has stood by him the entire time. In fact, their relationship on Friends was probably so iconic because of how much they loved each other IRL. 

Their characters were actually the least close to one another in the first few seasons, but fans caught on to their off-screen connection and loved the idea of Chandler Bing and Monica Geller ending up together. The rest is history! 

Since the show ended back in 2004, Perry and Cox have been in constant contact with one another. Back in 2013 the two of them spent some time together on the set of one of Perry's movies. At the time Cox didn't have a social media presence (Thank you Ellen DeGeneres!) but Perry posted two photos with his fav co-star on his Twitter. 

He captioned the first photo, "Yayyyyyyyy!" which perfectly describes what fans of the duo felt when they saw the photo.

The second photo was of the two of them at the cemetery and Perry added some Chandler Bing charm to his caption, "Some ladies can even make a cemetery look good. Thanks for joining us CC!"

It's also confirmed that the entire cast as a whole has had plenty of reunions over the years and have all stayed close. Especially the trio of girls. Cox, along with Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston are constantly popping up on one another's Instagrams. They have dinner together, go on vacations, and continue to be the trio we all deserve. 

The entire cast, including Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, recently all met up to have dinner together just days after the show celebrated its 25th anniversary. Jennifer Aniston confirmed the reunion on The Howard Stern Show saying, "We just had dinner on Saturday. Yeah, the whole gang, everyone was there. Schwimmer was in town and we all happened to have a window of time so we all got together."

We're so glad that the gang is all still as close as they were twenty years ago! We have to give a special shoutout to the writers and producers of Friends who decided Chandler and Monica were worth exploring!  

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