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Bernier's Explosive New Proposal Claims Immigrants Are The Real Reason Toronto's So Expensive

Maxime Bernier, the federal candidate who wants to build border fences to keep illegal immigrants out of Canada, tweeted the official PPC platform on Aug. 7. In it, Bernier's platform claims that immigrants are making cities like Toronto and Vancouver so expensive. 

Further in the platform, the PPC claims that inflated housing prices are due to mass immigration. This is pretty much in line with Bernier's philosophy that immigration needs to be drastically cut. He claims in his platform that the cost to taxpayers is somewhere between 27 and 35 billion dollars a year.

However, in a fact check from CBC News, Jonathon Gatehouse pointed out that the unemployment rate among immigrants actually reached its lowest point in 12 years in 2017. He also pointed out that the rate among immigrant men who had been in Canada for five to 10 years was lower than it was among Canadian-born men.

Bernier writes in his platform that only 26 percent of immigrants accepted to Canada now have "the right qualifications and work experience to fulfill our economic needs." He never actually defines what those qualifications are.

Additionally, according to a report from The Tyee, housing costs in Canada have mainly risen due to extreme housing speculation and land appreciation, factors that mostly tie into housing legislation created over 20 years ago.

Bernier's immigration plan is extreme, and would even limit the family reunification program, getting rid of it entirely for parents and grandparents.

As Gatehouse points out, though, parents and grandparents accepted through the family reunification program have relatives in Canada committed to providing for them for between three and 20 years. There's also nothing stopping anyone admitted under that plan from looking for work.

According to the CBC poll tracker, Maxime Bernier and the PPC are currently polling at about three percent.