It is pretty difficult to find details about Maxime Bernier's wife Catherine Letarte online. She keeps her social media profiles private and prefers to stay out of the public eye, unlike her politician hubby, who is running for Prime Minister of Canada. We do know that she runs Omega Community Resources, a mental health centre in Montreal, and that she trained as a ballerina at Canada's National Ballet School.

While looking her up online, we noticed that she is quite a low-key lady. Her Instagram page is set to private and her Twitter is sparse. It is obvious she doesn't use it much. Her Facebook shows many sunset photos on the beach, but she seems to not update that page very often, either.She has been seeing Maxime Bernier since 2010 and they tied the knot in July. Her most recent public photo was of her and Maxime Bernier at their beachside wedding.

We did manage to uncover that she is the Executive Director at Omega Community Resources. It is a non-profit community organization which provides support and assistance to adults who experience mental health issues, according to their website. They operate a day centre, supervised apartments, and group home for patients 18 and older who are struggling with their mental health.The 49-year-old had an interview with the Huffington Post, where she gave some details about their relationship, such as the moment she first saw Maxime Bernier. 

It was nine years ago, and she recalls telling her friend that she thought he was handsome but didn't know who he was at the time. The interview also mentions that she asked him out after seeing him again at a brunch that their mutual friends had organized. Well, now we also know that she is bold and is not afraid to ask a powerful man out on a date. 

“I’m not a person who judges a lot,” Letarte told the Huffington Post. “I work in a sector where there are a lot of things that can happen, and judging is not part of the work. So in my private life, it is the same thing. I really wanted to know the person. Not the public persona, but the real person. So I gave him a chance.”She also said that they do have political disagreements from time to time, but that they respect each other's opinions.

“I have fun telling him, ‘Hey, we can’t cut everywhere, and, especially in health care and mental health, the state has a role to play — an important role to play to help the most vulnerable in our society.’ That’s clear for me. So I repeat that often.”

Letarte was raised in Warwick, a township east of Montreal and south of Trois-Rivières.