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May Snow In Canada Happening At The Same Time BC Could Reach 30 C

It's hot and it's cold. The weather is pretty different across the country over the next couple of days. It seems like nobody got the message that it's spring. May snow in Canada is happening this weekend on the east coast while parts of the west coast could hit 30 C. Talk about two extremes!

This weekend, a weather system is moving into Atlantic Canada and bringing some wild conditions with it.

Environment Canada has even issued special weather statements and warnings for the region because of it.

While it starts off as rain, the precipitation will change over to snow on Saturday evening and continue through Sunday.

Northern parts of New Brunswick will experience an all-snow event with this system.

In those areas of the province, there are heavy snowfall amounts expected with upwards of 30 centimetres forecasted to hit the ground.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia could get up to 20 centimetres of snow with this system while other parts of the province could see three to 10 centimetres.

This weather event extends into Newfoundland too.

As if the snow isn't bad enough on its own, Atlantic Canada's coastal areas could see winds reaching 100 to 120 km/h.

That could lead to damaged roofs and trees.

On the other end of the spectrum and the other end of the country, it's going to feel like summer!

The heat is rolling into B.C. this weekend through to early next week.

The Weather Network is forecasting highs upwards of 20 C and communities in the Fraser Valley could even reach 30 C temperatures.

Vancouver will be hotter than Malibu this weekend too.

The middle of the country is somewhere in the middle, but leaning to the colder side of things.

Despite the arrival of spring back in March, parts of Ontario woke up to lots of snow on May 8 and the winter-like weather continued through the next day.

While the photos of the fresh powder are pretty, it's not an ideal situation for people.

Blame the polar vortex!

With these extremes, Canada can't make up its mind about what season it is.