A new month has finally begun. However, it might not come with the sunny and hot conditions you were hoping for. May weather in Canada is starting off warm across the country but the cold will make a comeback. The good news is that June will be kinder to us all!

With snow still hanging around in April in so many different parts of the country, people are probably hoping for better weather in May.

The beginning of the month is going to be pretty great all over Canada in terms of temperatures.

Over the weekend, it'll be near or above seasonal almost everywhere but especially from Alberta to Southern Quebec.

Some spots could even get to more than 20 C.

Don't rejoice for too long though, that warm-up will be short.

The temperature pattern for early and mid-May shows cold returning from eastern Saskatchewan through to Atlantic Canada.

It'll be colder than normal during that extended period of time in those areas.

On the other hand, B.C. and western Alberta will see above seasonal temperatures through to the middle of the month.

Even though a lot of the country will be below seasonal until mid-May, the average temperatures for this time of year are a couple of degrees warmer than what they were in April.

So, it'll be cool but still warmer than what the normal was last month.

Towards the end of May, that cold pattern will break down and the weather will get back on track.

Temperatures will be closer to seasonal in the west and the southern parts of the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec.

The cold will remain in northern Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and into Newfoundland & Labrador though.

According to The Weather Network, warmth will build in the U.S. and push into southern Ontario and Quebec as we move towards June.

After the weather roller coaster of May, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

With long-range forecasts from The Old Farmer's Almanac, June is looking to be a pretty good month across the country for the weather.

Even though there will still be some bursts of cool temperatures, it's expected to be warm for most of the month.

Atlantic Canada, southern Quebec, Ontario and the Prairies will even get into hot temperatures during June.

Then we're onto summer!