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McDonald's All-New Limited Edition Chicken Sandwich May Give Popeyes A Run For Its Money

We all know Chick-Fil-A is the holy grail of buttery chicken sandwiches, but the Popeyes hype has lots of fans trumping the "Original Chicken Sandwich." With so much competition wiping the franchises clean of their crispy crunchy sandwiches, Mickey D's decided to hop on the trend. The new McDonald's chicken sandwich is testing out new markets in Knoxville and Houston for a limited time and Twitter fans are so down. 

Yes, McDonald's has had McChickens and other fried chicken sandwiches for quite some time, but these new concoctions are totally upping the game and we definitely think it's worth a shot. They took to Twitter to announce the new addition, puns included of course.

McDonald's got everyone's attention tweeting out "Houston. Knoxville. Lunch tomorrow? No beef" on Dec. 1. From now until Jan. 26, lucky Knoxville and Houston dwellers can get their tastebuds fired up with two brand new chicken sandwich options from the classic fast food chain.

Fans responded with the appropriate memes.

Claps from a Leo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street GIF truly says it all. Kudos to McDonald's for throwing their hat in the (revived) chicken sandwich game. 

Is excitement really excitement unless a Friends GIF is involved? Chandler and Joey, we love you always.

The new sandwiches feature delicious juicy chicken filets fried to a crispy perfection and topped with butter. They'll throw some crinkle-cut pickles on top and sandwich the masterpiece between a warm, soft and buttery potato roll.

Sounds like perfection if you ask us. You can get a plain sandwich or opt for the deluxe with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes. 

Participating restaurants around the two cities will offer the new sammies, so call and make sure your local spot has them in store before you head over.

With 21 locations in Knoxville, you're bound to get your hands on one, but don't take the risk of missing out.

People are already begging for them to come to other cities, including Los Angeles, California. Hopefully they'll be successful and make their way across the country for all to indulge.

Can Mickey D's compete with Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes? Looks like you'll have to find out for yourself.

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