McDonald's is always offering Canadians some pretty big promos. For the next week, however, the customers get to choose which McDonald's Canada deals they want, and honestly, with all these options, it's hard to pick just one.

Every day from December 16 to 22, fast-food fans will have the opportunity to choose between three different offers. Voting starts at 4 AM each day and the polls stay open until 8 PM, so there's plenty of time to cast your ballot online.

Whichever deal is found to be the most popular in that time becomes available the next day after 11 AM. Each winning offer is also available until 11:59 PM that day.

Anyone can vote on the company's Canadian website, however, customers will need to use the My McD's app to actually cash in on the deal.

The app allows deal hunters to put in mobile orders and receive weekly deals straight to their phones. It also keeps track of McCafe rewards so that you can get your eighth medium coffee for free!

The current deal for December 17, which received 61% of votes is a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with Cheese for just $3.99. This means the new and improved versions of these classic sandwiches are cheaper today.

Voting has begun for tomorrow's deal as well. Canadians can currently choose between the following: $1.50 off of a sandwich, $1 off of a large fries, or 50% off of a second McWrap.

As of writing, the $1.50 off of a sandwich sale is currently in the lead, having received 49% of the vote. It's followed by the McWrap BOGO with 26% of the vote, narrowly edging out the large fries deal which has garnered 25% of the votes.

Make sure to check in on the McDonald's Canada website each day this week to see which promo could be up next. 

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