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McDonald's Canada Is Testing Out Donuts & That Just Makes So Much Sense

The donuts are only available at some locations.
McDonuts Canada

It used to be that the only place in Canada people would think to get donuts from was good old Tim Hortons. Well, hold on to your toques, because there might be a new donut place in town, one that is adorned with golden arches. That's right, McDonald's donuts could be coming to Canada

The fast-food giant known for the Big Mac and salty fries is dipping its toes into the world of donuts. They're testing out sales at a number of their GTA locations (we tried to call and see if they were available but could not get an answer).

According to RedFlagDeals, McDonald's will feature five flavors to choose from: Apple Fritter, Strawberry Jelly Powdered, Boston Cream, Sprinkle, and Maple Iced & Caramel Filled.

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The donuts will sell for $1.19 each, but in classic donut fashion, the more you buy the more you save. Apparently, you'll be able to get two for $1.99 or six for $5.99. It could be that the morning stop for coffee and donuts might include an egg McMuffin now, too.

The move to sell donuts continues McDonald's trend of building up its McCafé brand. The chain has already introduced its own version of the famous pumpkin spice latté for fall, and its variety of baked goods has only grown larger.

And with Tim Hortons now selling burgers (plant-based burgers, but burgers nonetheless), it feels like we're living in the upside-down. Which chain will win out in its respective field, though? Could McDonald's donuts end up being more successful than Timmies' burgers? According to RedFlagDeals, several GTA locations had completely sold out of the donuts by mid-afternoon the day they launched.

If you go by the replies on Reddit, it seems like Canadians are either really psyched for these donuts, or a little bit depressed that we've come to this in 2019. 

We can't say for sure when McDonald's will start selling donuts officially, but if they are as successful as their other McCafé products, then donut-lovers might just have a new option.

In an email to Narcity, a representative of McDonald's Canada said, "We are excited to introduce our McCafé Donuts in select test restaurants. They are just the right size and a perfect sweet treat with McCafé Premium Roast Coffee!"*

*This article has been updated.

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