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McDonald's Canada Now Has Nutella Bagels On Their Menu

McDonald's adds fresh bagels with Nutella to their menu in Canada.

Nothing is more blissful than starting your day with a hot coffee and a toasted bagel with Nutella. Most of us would be perfectly okay with removing the bagel and coffee from the equation and just eating the hazelnut spread straight from the jar. McDonald's knows how much Canadians adore Nutella, which is why they've officially added Nutella bagels to their menu across the country.

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For a limited time, you can get your freshly baked McDonald's bagel with a side of Nutella spread. McDonald's describes their bagels as "crispy on the outside, warm and chewy on the inside". McDonald's will be supplying the Nutella spread at their restaurants across Canada while supplies last.

Via McDonald's

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McDonald's Canada even shared this cute video on YouTube this morning to announce the new menu item, called "How To Eat A Nutella Bagel". Check it out:

McDonald's Italy added Nutella sandwiches to their menu two years ago. Their version, called "Sweet with Nutella", was a layer of creamy Nutella spread between two soft slices of bread. They were even served in cute containers, similar to what McDonald's Big Mac burgers are served in. 

Be sure to scoop your Nutella bagel at McDonald's before they sell out!