The McDonald's Canada Logo Just Got A Raptors Makeover And It's Clever AF

This new logo is brilliant!
The McDonald's Canada Logo Just Got A Raptors Makeover And It's Clever AF

The Toronto Raptors are heading to the NBA finals tonight for the first time ever, and since they are the only NBA team in all of Canada, the entire country is excited, including companies. For instance, McDonald's Canada's Raptors love is on full display with their new logo and it's honestly beyond clever! 

As everyone knows, McDonald's is well known around the world for their Golden Arches logo. However, as the Raptors prepare to go up against the Golden State Warriors tonight in Game 1 of the NBA finals, McDonald's didn't want to be showing any golden love here in the north, so they gave their logo an official Raptors makeover. 

In announcing their new and improved Raptors logo on social media, McDonald's Canada said, "In support of the Raps, our arches are no longer in a golden state." By that, they mean the famous arches that were once a golden, yellow colour have been drained of all colour are now white on a black background. 

That's not the only change to the logo. On top of the new colour scheme, McDonald's has added an extra half arch leading into the Raptors official logo to mimic the look of a basketball bouncing. Between this and the "golden state" play on words this new logo is clever AF. 

Canadians think so too. In reaction to the new logo on social media, Raptors fans are giving McDonald's some serious love. 

This isn't the first time McDonald's have gotten involved with the Toronto Raptors. All throughout this season and even in the playoffs, they have had a promotion in Ontario where everyone gets free fries through the mobile app if the Raptors score 12 three-pointers in a game. 

They have also run various ad campaigns throughout the season using different Raptors players like Danny Green to promote their iconic chicken McNuggets. Despite all that though, this new logo may be their best Raptor's campaign yet. 

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