McDonald’s Completely Changes Their Look In France And It’s Unrecognizable

France McDonald's have been transformed into whimsical diners from the 60s.
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McDonald’s Completely Changes Their Look In France And It’s Unrecognizable

Everyone in North America knows what a classic McDonald's looks like. When you're walking down the street, you see those large golden arches and now that a McDonald's is close by. The interior all looks the same, but when you travel across the world, you'll find different variations of the McDonald's we know and love. 

In France, we recently discovered that McDonald's decided to redesign their restaurants into an American 60's diner theme and we're honestly loving it! Seven new franchisees in France have been unveiled with this new look. We're a little bit jealous that our Canadian McDonald's didn't receive this gorgeous makeover.

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The new theme of the McDonald's in France is a modern version of an old American style diner. The restaurants were designed by Italian designer, Paola Navone. 

The design has a lot of turquoise and orange colours mixed with black and white. There are mismatched chairs and the space is very bright and airy! 

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It's definitely a modern take on the classic American diner that we're all used to in old films. To be honest, it reminded me of the diner from the iconic girl's night movie: A Cinderella Story. The one where Hilary Duff introduces millennials everywhere you the super hot and charming Chad Michael Murray. 

The new McCafe restaurants were implemented in seven franchised restaurants in France. The locations are in Paris, Châtellerault, Avignon la Cristole, Farebersvillers, Gaillard, Bordeaux Sainte Eulalie and Rennes Pacé. 

Paola Navone x McDonald’s : un nouveau sens de la convivialité, avec la volonté de la part de l’architecte italienne de démocratiser le

January 21, 2019

Another amazing part of the McDonald's locations in France is that they actually serve macarons! 

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If you're in the Paris area or travelling your way through France, you should definitely check out these gorgeous and brand newly designed McDonald's cafes!

Source: Izabelle Bee Narcity Quebec

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