McDonald’s has done a lot of different promotions over its history but it’s newest may be the strangest one yet.

It’s introducing its own global currency called a MacCoin. Not this is not a joke, McDonald's is really starting to use its own currency.

And it’s all in celebration of a very special anniversary for the franchise. 

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This year the Big Mac is turning 50, which is quite the achievement for any burger from a fast food restaurant, and McDonald’s is making it easier and cheaper for you to get your hands on one with the MacCoin.

Beginning on August 2, MacCoins will be available in Canada and around the world and you will be able to redeem them for the purchase on one Big Mac. 

So how do you get your hands on one of these MacCoins? 

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One way you can get them is to by entering the #BigMac50 contest on Twitter @McDonaldsCanada, from August 2nd until August 8th and sharing why they love the Big Mac.

The only other way is to listen to local radio stations that will also be giving away the coins.

Unfortunately, the coins are not being given away at McDonald’s locations, you need to win them. 

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A total of 50,000 coins will be made available across Canada. 

"As one of the most well-known and iconic McDonald's menu items – and business driver – around the globe and in Canada, the Big Mac deserves the celebration that the coin evokes," says Jeff McLean, Chief Financial Officer, McDonald's Canada. 

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So if you have some kind of addiction to Big Mac’s, or just want one for free, make sure to be on the lookout on Twitter or listening to the radio. 

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