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McDonald's Is Officially Banning Preservatives In Their Burgers At All Restaurants In Canada

All McDs meat burgers are preservative free.

McDonald's has banned preservatives in all their beef burgers across their chains in North America. The fast-food chain announced today that as of now, you can enjoy classic McDonald's burgers such as the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with cheese knowing that they are free of preservatives. This is all thanks to their reformulated burger buns and sauces.

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However, keep in mind that McDonald's has said that the pickles still contain preservatives. If you want a preservative-free burger though, all you have to do is ask for it without the pickles.

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McDonalds Canada said on their official website, "There are no preservatives in our 100% pure Canadian beef patties. They are preserved by the power of cold air alone, when they're flash frozen at our supplier's facility. Pretty cool, huh?" According to them, their beef burgers are also made only using Canadian beef with no additives, fillers or binding agents. 

As for whether preservatives are in their other foods, McDonald's Canada also stated on their website that they are "committed to delivering safe, quality food with minimal use of preservatives" and that many of their "ingredients don't contain any preservatives at all". 

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They also said that if preservatives were in their food, they "have been approved for use by Health Canada and have specific purposes". 

But the one menu item that is for sure preservative free, according to McDonalds Canada, is their beef burgers.