A Canadian company is making a massive statement about climate change. MEC is closing stores across Canada for the climate strikes. The outdoor retailer is shutting its doors in solidarity with the strikes and to support its workers who want to take part.

The company announced that it is allowing its workers to participate in the Global Climate Strike happening on September 27 so all of its stores Canada-wide will be closed on that day in support of the strike.

"We want to provide our staff with the opportunity to join Global Climate Strike demonstrations in their communities and let their voices be heard," said Phil Arrata, CEO of Mec, in a letter

Because of the nature of the brand, the outdoors products that are sold there and MEC's love of the outdoors, the company believes that it's time for action to ensure that the outdoors is protected for generations. 

The Global Climate Strike is obviously global but there are a lot of strikes happening in Canada alone. There are strikes going down in one territory and every province except PEI. Which is why MEC stores will be closed all across Canada on that day. 

People were really pleased to hear about the initiative being taken by MEC regarding the climate strikes.

In an Instagram post announcing the shut down also got a good response.

"This makes me so proud to be a MEC staffer. Thank you," one user commented.

Another said "Fantastic! Just one more reason I love MEC!"

In their own letter, MEC acknowledges that the company isn't perfect when it comes to being completely environmental. But MEC is trying to do better and shutting down for the climate strikes is part of that initiative.

"We have known for a long time that operating our business and selling products has an impact on the planet. While our record of leadership in sustainability and advocacy makes us frontrunners in the outdoor industry, we recognize the need to take an even greater stand," said Arrata.

MEC commits to social and environmental accountability and tries to have a small footprint when it comes to its products so that means reducing waste, sourcing products that impact the environment the least, and reducing emissions.

MEC stores will re-open at 5 p.m. local time on September 27  as that's when the climate strikes end. 

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