Here Are The American "Rich Kids" Of Instagram

Experience a day in the life of the American rich and famous!
Here Are The American "Rich Kids" Of Instagram

The American dream is alive and well in the United States. At least, it is for these wealthy millennials who are living it up on a daily basis. If their high-class status isn’t enough to impress, their Instagram accounts surely will do the trick. Check out some of the red, white and blue’s richest kids of Instagram.

Lana Scolaro 

From: Originally Great Britain, now living permanently in the U.S.

Age: 22

Lana made headlines when she was spotted by a then-married Robin Thicke. This wealthy heiress spends her time DJing around the world and runs a jewelry company called LS Diamonds or LSD.

Kyle Bryan

From: New York, New York

Age: 26

While his net worth is unknown, this New York City fashion designer starred on EJNYC and America’s Next Top Model as a consultant in 2016. His glamorous lifestyle is featured on his account, and even includes a picture of him walking a cheetah on-leash in Dubai (you know… just a normal Saturday).

Along with his extravagant trips overseas, Bryan’s account also highlights him rubbing elbows with the fashion industry’s top celebs as well as killer fashion tips and drag queen catwalks. Follow this fashionista and start living the life of luxury vicariously through his epic pics.

Reginae Carter

From: Louisiana

Age: 20

Speaking of young money, could you imagine Lil’ Wayne’soffspring living any other lifestyle than one of complete luxury? Neither could we. Reginae Carter’s Instagram is one of non-stop partying, daring adventure, and mingling with fellow millionaires. It’s hard to believe that Lil’ Wayne’s baby girl is all grown up, but 20-year-old Reginae has no issue reminding everyone that she’s a full-fledge woman.

Often seen bikini-clad and beachside, Reginae’s Instagram provides an insider’s view of the growing celeb’s lifestyle. From elaborate getaways to Cabo and roof-raising parties to off-roading excursions and flaunting high-end couture, Reginae is certainly living her best life.

Tim Drake

Age: 23

From: Palm Beach

Tim's family made in a fortune in diamonds all so he could spend it on European shopping trips and Botox. Tim's IG features pics of him traveling the world from Lebanon to  Paris to Dubai.

Justin Combs

From: New York

Age: 24

This college football star is the son of Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) (aka Puff Daddy) (aka Puffy) (aka Diddy). Aside from inheriting a confused list of nicknames, Justin is pretty set for life due to the massive success of his father’s rapping, record producing, and talent directing career. But that’s not to say the young millennial hasn’t made strides of his own. Justin is the defensive back on the UCLA football team and even had an acting role in Date with a Hammer in 2013.

His Instagram account boasts over 1.3 million followers and features pics of Justin alongside some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Drake, Migos, and Chance the Rapper. Between the parties, the cars, and the women, one look at Justin’s account tells you that this young man is doing just fine in the financial department.

Tiffany Trump

From: New York

Age: 25

Also known as the President's daughter, Tiffany Trump has a loyal social media following and Instagram is no exception. With her father’s bank to back her baller lifestyle, Trump can be seen vacationing in various island paradises, partying with A-list celebs, and having fun on the rooftops of Paris.

But the glamorous First Daughter doesn’t just pass the time partying on the regular; she’s also a staple at political gatherings and proudly supports her father’s administration through her account. But, let’s be honest, most of the double-taps from her followers are for the party pics.

Huda Kattan

From: Oklahoma

Age: 35

While Huda Kattan's following is mostly based in the Middle East, this beauty influencer was actually raised in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Massachusetts after emigrating to America at two years old. Her account now boasts more than 29 million followers, featuring make-up tutorials, products, and glimpses into the personal life of an international Instagram sensation. 

Her account is like stepping into a digital Sephora. You'll get all the information you need about the products in her beauty line as well as tips for how to use them. More than just make-up and beauty, Huda is something of a fashionista. Just take a look at the gorgeous dress she wore to the Business of Fashion's Voices ceremony this year. Can you say, "stunning?" 

Zach King

From: California

Age: 28

What started out as a personal YouTube account in 2008 soon grew to the 21-million-strong fanbase for this young internet star. Zach King is best known for his "magic Vines" — six-second videos that make him look like he's doing magic — which are delightfully hilarious. 

This accidental trajectory into stardom now earns King roughly $30,000 per post. To put this in perspective, his Instagram account alone earned him $90,000 in the month of November. In addition to his signature Vines, you'll also see how King spends his free time: riding camels in the Sahara; playing "extreme fetch" with his dog on a motorcycle; and going on a spontaneous trip to the Parthenon in Greece. You know. Normal people stuff. 

Barron Hilton

From: New York

Age: 29

Born into unbelievable wealth from his grandfather’s international chain of hotels, Barron Hilton truly has it all. Not only is he the heir to an incredible fortune, but his marriage to Tessa Grafin von Walderdorff also links him to German royalty. He also appeared in the movie Just Another Tuesday.

His Instagram account is exactly what you would expect: lavish trips around the world, elegant parties, high fashion, etc. Tessa also makes a frequent appearance in his posts as the two travel around the world together in search of their next (expensive) adventure. Live vicariously through Barron’s insta as you follow his journey to faraway lands and elitist gatherings.

Dorothy Wang

From: California

Age: 30

Known for her role on the reality TV series, #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Dorothy Wang’s wealth got its start from her father, Roger, the self-made real estate billionaire of Beverly Hills. But this heiress doesn’t ride through life on her father’s coattails. She is a successful businesswoman of her own, with a host of self-started “affordable luxury” brands. She’s also a regular fashion correspondent for The Steve Harvey Show.

Her profile is nothing short of glamorous, with high fashion brands and breathtaking vacation destinations often sharing the spotlight in her posts. Experience the life of a millionaire by taking a stroll through Dorothy’s pics and seeing what fabulous fashions she’s posted today.

E.J. Johnson

From: California

Age: 26

Another star of the reality show #RichKids of Beverly Hills, E.J. Johnson has one of the most entertaining accounts on Instagram. His lively personality and incredible sense of fashion shine through in his posts, which often feature his appearances on TV, parties with pop icons, and red carpet photoshoots where he dominates the fashion game.

His sass and style are infectious, but his posts are about more than just fun and fashion. A huge advocate for the LGBTQ community, his photos are often captioned with sentiments promoting self-worth and being comfortable in one’s body. It’s an inspiring and entertaining feed that you have to see to believe.

Eleonora (Lele) Pons

From: Florida

Age: 22

Originally from Venezuela, Lele Pons moved to Florida at the age of five and has been in the United States ever since. She gained popularity on Vine, where she was the most-followed and most-looped user before the platform was shut down in 2016. As an internet personality, she's known for her singing, dancing, and acting. She also is the host for La Voz... Mexico! 

Her account is a fast and fun look into her personal life, highlighting outings with friends, appearances on TV shows, and adventures to far-off destinations. The best thing about Lele's account is that it feels as though you're interacting with a long-lost friend. She's accessible, a little quirky, and radiates positivity. A follow for this account is another friend added to your feed.

Haley Busch

From: Florida

Age: 25

Not well-known in the public eye, Haley Busch’s low-key luxury comes from her great-grandfather, who founded the Anheuser-Busch Company and Budweiser Beer. While her personal net worth is unknown, it’s safe to say that the $13.4 billion of the Anheuser-Busch Company has trickled down to form a nice chunk of change in this millennial’s pocket.

Frequent travels, elegant parties, and even a few red carpet appearances are the backbone of this Instagram account. Of course, a few brewery visits are peppered in as well. But while her family history might provide her with the funds for her fun and carefree lifestyle, her account is otherwise down-to-earth and frequently features photos of her friends and family.

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