It looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are finally back from their honeymoon! The pair stunned the crowd when they made their royal debut on the iconic balcony at Buckingham Palace yesterday. Oh, and they looked stunning.

It was Queen Elizabeth's official birthday, so the whole family celebrated together with the city. Meghan and Harry participated in the Trooping the Colour celebrations for the big day. All of the royals wore beautifully bright colours, including Meghan!

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As we all know, The Queen loves to be colourful when it comes to her wardrobe so each family member wore bright and beautiful colours in honour of the event. They joined The Queen, her in-laws, Prince William, Kate Middleton, their children, Prince Charles and Camilla. It was a huge family affair! 

This was Meghan and Harry's first outing after returning from their honeymoon and they couldn't have looked happier! They both participated in the grand military parade which included over 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians! The Royal Air Force also flew past the crowds leaving behind the colours of the British flag.

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They rode in on a horse-drawn carriage and looked very royal. Harry wore a similar black uniform to the one he wore on his wedding, while Meghan wore pastel pink. One point, Harry gave a very formal military salute while riding in the parade. They looked really beautiful together.

Meghan looked absolutely beautiful in her pastel pink dress with a matching tilted hat. Kate Middleton wore a similar ensemble in pastel blue. They really looked like a family!

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William, The Duke of Cambridge also rode horseback in the parade in very formal (and slightly silly lol) attire. His father, Charles also rode horseback alongside him. 

The Trooping the Colour event has marked the official birthday of the British Sovereign for over 260 years. 

Source: Hollywood Life