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Meghan Markle Had 2 Other Secret Jobs While Filming Suits In Toronto

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Meghan Markle Had 2 Other Secret Jobs While Filming Suits In Toronto

As we all know, Markle was performing as a series regular on the USA Network show Suits when she met Prince Harry.

Being the centre of all current media attention, we know she was also heavily involved in humanitarian work, that she used to work in fashion, and that she even scored a job as one of those suitcase holders on Deal or No Deal.

But her dream job before she found out she was going to be a princess? A candy shop owner and a lifestyler blogger. Yup, if you didn't already love Meghan Markle before, you definitely do now.

According to TMZ, who has obtained documents showing Markle and a friend once trademarked a company called "Lali" back in 2012, the princess-to-be was once going to sell lollipops and drops. So essentially she wanted to be Willy Wonka, and I mean, do we blame her?

She also maintained a successful lifestyle blog called The Tig - all while filming Suits in Toronto.

Unfortunately, two years after trademarking "Lali," Markle and her friend abandoned the idea. Now here we are: Meghan's going to be a princess and we are one incredible candy shop short.

She also recently shut down her website.

There is good news though. If Meghan ever wanted to revive the "Lali" pop shop, Royal protocol wouldn't get in her way. Palace sources told TMZ that Meghan's future royal status won't prevent her from diving into her own business once she's married to Prince Harry. There are apparently no U.K. laws that prohibit a member of the royal family from having a side hustle.

In fact, the Countess of Wessex, who married Prince Edward, ran a PR company after becoming a royal fam member.

So all hope is not lost.

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